The 10 Best Non-Profit Websites of 2023

Like the War in Ukraine site, it’s not for the faint of heart. Russia’s wholesale invasion of Ukraine in February 2022 was the defining news story of the year. And it looks to continue in 2023, with a staggering number of non-profit websites springing up to support Ukraine. Now, non-profits need to be even more clever and nimble with limited resources. Heading into 2023, it looks like another difficult year for charities and other non-profit organizations.

  • If you shrink that site down to fit a mobile phone, those links and buttons can become difficult to use.
  • The web content accessibility guidelines were created so that websites can meet the needs of people with disabilities.
  • This is a mistake that I see way too often, and it’s just going to show your brand as an amateur and with a lack of care about the details.
  • This will give your visitors an authentic feel for your business.
  • You can understand that we are a design agency that does franchise marketing and works with service businesses and nonprofits.

The right font size and typography will keep readers engaged with your content longer than they would otherwise be if you don’t take these things into consideration. The event names are in 12px medium, which is a font style entirely absent from the Material Design guidelines. Yet given they need to fit 7 columns on a screen that’s only 1440px wide, and many events are quite short, this is an ideal font size choice. Any bigger and the event names will be cut off too frequently. If you can’t name the tradeoff you’re making, you’re probably making it in the wrong place.

Include social media buttons

I almost never see a CTA on a business’ interior pages . You can’t expect visitors to navigate back to your homepage to convert. They won’t know where to start reading and won’t be able to digest your content. It only takes 0.05 seconds for people to form an opinion about your website. Yes, you read that correctly—50 milliseconds for someone to be blown away or repulsed by your website. Meet your readers’ expectations for each of your pages.

website readability best practices

This article will teach you how to improve website readability and accessibility. This is one of the easiest ways to separate texts into sections. The use of separators helps to divide your article in a decent manner. Separators could be used to divide hierarchy elements like body texts and headers. The simplest way to divide is to use a single line.

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Your readers have used the web before, and they will unconsciously compare your website design. Keep your general layout in line with trends to create the appearance of a business that is cutting-edge in all it does. Using a “modern” design doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try to stand out with layout manipulations, images, colors, and content. However, standing out with a 1992-looking website is not the answer. Site speed — Keep an eye on general loading times. Speed greatly improves site usability, and slow websites will frustrate visitors.

website readability best practices

Anyway, here’s an example when a label saying “Search” preceding the input feels like overkill. This makes focusing an input much easier for someone with motor control difficulties – or maybe for you, trying to check a tiny checkbox on a small screen on a bumpy train. ReCAPTCHA is a free service from Google that helps protect websites from spam. It should be easy for humans to solve but hard for bots and other malicious software to figure out.

Usability & Web Accessibility

In fact, you are53 times more likelyto end up on the first page of Google results if you utilize video on your site. This is because people tend to remain on sites longer to watch videos than they do to read content. People are going to access your website from multiple types of devices, including desktop and laptop computers, tablets, and smartphones. You need to make sure that all of them can access and navigate your pages — and the best way to do this is with responsive design. You should also make sure that your design is consistent throughout your site.

website readability best practices

Use sans serif fonts for body text if your brand is community-oriented, friendly, or with a soft tone of voice in the messaging. Serifs are great for more educational, modern, or “colder” types of brands. Both are great, it’s a matter of picking one that allows your brand to be represented while keeping it easy to read. Readable website content is a must if you want brilliant search engine rankings. It’s also crucial if you want to create a positive user experience. Don’t forget, the two work in tandem, and both will lead to better online visibility, and therefore increased sales.

Website Design Best Practice tips for 2022

In a usability test with 600 participants, they discovered that enclosed text fields with a box shape performed better than those with line affordance. The focus style causes the link to become underlined when a non-mouse user focuses on it from the keyboard, stylus, or voice input. Generally, whenever something on a page has a hover style, it should also be given a focus style. In 2019, a UK survey found that more than 4 million people abandoned a retail website because of the accessibility barriers they found. In this guide, we will cover 15 of the most common practices that improve website accessibility. Readability is reduced with all caps because all words have a uniform rectangular shape, meaning readers can’t identify words by their shape.

Consequently, some users are not able to comprehend their message. Lines that are too long make your web content too boring. Working on the line length is helpful regarding how to improve readability. Web content owners can achieve some equilibrium in this regard. Make it neither too stiff nor too extremely spaced.

website readability best practices

You can also run a Cloze test on individual pieces of content that are particularly important or which have caused problems in user testing. The Cloze test provides a nice score, so you can rerun the test after a rewrite to see if the text has improved enough. But the killer feature is that, by default, a real button is focusable with the keyboard, and can be activated with a space bar or enter key.

Longer paragraphs are not only more difficult to read, they are also a turn-off from a visual point of view. When faced with reams of unbroken text, readers will often veer away. They may even refrain from reading your content altogether.

Reading level

All major operating systems allow the user to express a preference for reduced motion on-screen—perhaps because they have motion-triggered vestibular spectrum disorder. Your website can detect whether the user has done this with the CSS prefers-reduced-motion media query. Behind the scenes, the text will be styled using web fonts and CSS properties such asbackground, text-shadow and color. The width of a paragraph is called the “measure.” Measures that are too wide make it difficult for readers to scan back to find the start of the following line. In this case, it is not set at all, meaning it can easily grow too large on wider viewports.

Best practices for structuring Django projects

The current Million Peacemakers’ website does a superb job of introducing visitors to the threats of conflict on businesses, nations, families and youth. The homepage centres on an introductory video, which effectively sets the tone of the site, and leads directly to an explanation of Nonflict, the site’s main topic. The homepage offers multiple access points for people to connect with and support the organization.

Site owners should seek to limit formatting options that content authors have, if possible. See our headings best practice page for more a more in depth discussion of headings. Most simple pages only need headings, and the occasional . Find out the proper way to implement headings in your website.

If your website isn’t user-friendly, it will never succeed. That’s why website usability needs to be a top priority in 2022. Don’t limit yourself to using this for long lists—one sentence and two bullets is easier to read than three sentences.

✎ Technique: Readable paragraph text

An otherwise bad readability turns off your readers. This is the reason you should work towards website readability best practices. Of course, you may be writing for a technical or academic audience. If so, you’ll want to adopt a certain level of language to suit your readers, and a lower Flesch reading ease score will be fine. But otherwise, try and keep it as simple as possible. When you’re designing your interaction-heavy desktop website, keep this in mind.

If each section was just one big block of text, it would be tough to read. But making it legible and scannable improves the user experience. When you’re going through a website, you’re likely website readability just trying to find the information that’s most important to you. These are the factors that you need to keep in mind when you’re designing your visual hierarchy for website usability.

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